St Helen's Catholic Junior School Academy: Staff
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Mrs B Laraway

Mr B Campling
Assistant Headteacher
Year 6 Teacher (6B)

Mrs P Bryson
Deputy Headteacher

Mrs C Todd
Year 6 Teacher - (6A)

Mr M Groom
Year 6 Teacher (6C)

Miss S Butler
Year 5 Teacher (5A)


Miss S Mitchell
Year 5 Teacher (5B)

Mrs S Terry
Year 5 Teacher (5C)

Mrs M Ellis
Year 5 Teacher (5C)

Miss C Hamill
Year 4 Teacher (4A)

Mrs R Carlton
Year 4 Teacher (4B)

Miss C McLoughlin
Year 4 Teacher (4C)

Miss L Shipley
Year 3 Teacher (3A)

Miss C Davis
Year 3 Teacher (3B)

Miss J Featherstone
Year 3 Teacher (3C)

Mrs F Cattini

Mrs M Gambardella
SEN Co-ordinator

Mrs S Chambers
Swimming & PE

Mrs A Romhany
Music Teacher

Mrs Naylor
Peripatetic Music Teacher

Mrs T Manning

Mrs Hayes
Support Staff

Mrs B Aggarwal
Support Staff

Mrs C Hart
Support Staff

Mrs M Freeman
Support Staff

Mrs J Hayday
Support Staff

Mrs T Butler
Support Staff

Mrs S Ball
Support Staff


Mrs B Gmitruk
Support Staff

Mrs E East
Support Staff

Mrs O'Neill
Support Staff

Mr L Santos
Cook In Charge

Mrs P Sewell
Assistant Cook

Mrs B Jaskolska
Catering Assistant

Miss G Sheehan
Catering Assistant

Mrs J Wells
Catering Assistant

Mrs J Coombs
Office Staff

Mrs H Cosans
Office Staff

Mrs J Haydock
School Business Manager
Mr T Hatcher