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Sports Week - w/c 20/6/22

We have had a fantastic week of sports in school. It has been an absolute joy to see all of our children enjoying the sunshine, engaged in physical activity and I hope they have all enjoyed it. A big thank you to Miss Mitchell, our PE subject lead, for all of her efforts in preparing such a wonderful week for the children. 

The week couldn’t have started in a better way, with an inspirational talk from Danny Crates, a former British paralympic gold medallist. If we were looking for an example of resilience and growth mindset to show the children, we couldn’t have done any better. Danny lost an arm in a car accident in 1994, so he did what I’m sure anyone else would have done in that situation…he took up athletics!! Ten years later, he won a gold medal. 

Three words he said resonated with me the most though – ‘talent isn’t enough’.

History is littered with people who had the potential to be successful but never made it. As Danny also said, believe it or not, there were 5 people who were better footballers than Lionel Messi. 5 better singers than Adele. They just didn’t have the work ethic, the commitment, or the growth mindset to succeed. If God gave you a talent for something, that is great. Just don’t waste it.