School is closed at present, except for vulnerable children, or children of critical workers. We are adding new work every day for the children to complete in our Home Learning Environment area, including YouTube Videos.
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Last update: Friday 3rd April, 08:05am


Dear Year 4,


Thank you for working so hard at home on the tasks we have set you over the past two weeks. We are so pleased with your effort and positive attitude to learning. We are thankful to have such committed pupils who are continuing to apply your classroom learning strategies at home. Well done. 


It has been very good to hear from you during this time. Thank you for your emails. This week Pope Francis has highlighted the importance of good communication, especially at this time. Please continue to send in your emails and thank your families and loved ones for all of their support.


As the Easter holidays begin and Holy Week approaches, we wish you all a very holy and happy time with your families. Have fun, take care and keep safe.


Sending you our very best wishes,


Mrs Carlton, Mr Groom and Mr Fraser




Friday - Spelling work.

Today, write 20 sentences using the spelling words below. Your target is to relate each sentence to the image to the left. You can view a larger version of the image below.

The spelling words are: 


stopped narrator please which
we're friends know again
mother something everyone thought
laughed across coming giant
becasue suddenly better different


Thursday - Creative Writing

Today write your short story from your plan.

Follow your plan from yesterday, remembering to be creative with your descriptions and detail. Once finished, you can illustrate your favourite part of your story.



You can email images through to Mrs Carlton, Mr Groom and Mr Fraser via



Three Mathletics tasks have been set for each of you.

Please remember, that if you are using a tablet device, you should download

the app from the App Store to use Mathletics.


These tasks will only be available for 24 hours, then they will change.


Complete one page from your Arithmetic books.

If you or your parents would like to mark these books, the answers have been published and made available by Schofield and Sims. Follow the link below:

Other subject

Friday - Topic

Indian Dancing. 

Watch the short video clip below. The dancers wear traditional Indian costumes, jewellery and body art such as henna hand paintings. The music is a combination of traditional Indian instruments and singing. You have looked at this in class with Mrs Romhany this term.


Task 1: Perform an Indian dance for your family.

You can choose to dress in Indian style or party clothing for your performance if you wish.

Ask a family member to take a photo of you dancing and send it your teacher.


Or you can choose...


Task 2: 

Design an Indian costume for a traditional dance performance. Remember that the clothing will need to be comfortable to allow easy movement during the dancing. Should be made in a light weight breathable material such as cotton. You could also design some Indian body art such as henna hand painting. Take a photo of your design and send it to your teacher.


Thursday - PE

Create an obstacle course in your garden, using various sports or play equipment.

Compete with your family members to complete the course in the quickest time possible.







You can choose from the following activities – or do all of them! 


Continue to log onto the Charanga website using your Username and Password given to you on a sticker by your teacher.  If you do not have this email, contact Mrs Romhany via or via the link on the ‘Contact teachers’ section and I will email it to you.  


I can see many of you have been using the Recorder book ‘Blown Away’ – Remember to start from the beginning and work steadily through.  That way you can work on your technique (making a good sound and covering the holes.)  Why not keep a tick list of the pieces you have played, so you can show me back at school or you can email it to me?


Continue to look at the topic I have shared: ‘Mamma Mia.’  Go through the activities, starting with Step 1, singing the song and doing the warm up games.  You can move on further if you wish!  


I have added some more to Charanga.  I could see lots of you were enjoying your singing, so there are lots of new songs under ‘Assignments’ – at the very bottom; some pop, some film and theatre – something for everyone!  


If you are interested in a particular instrument, I have added the guitar, keyboard or violin course. 

Keep singing and playing!  And involve your family too!    

Mrs Romhany


Daily reading schedule.




Start a new book today.


What do you predict will happen in the first 10 pages?



How many pages have you read today?


Compare two of the characters (This could be a labelled drawing).


Are you enjoying the book? Why?


Find five unfamiliar words and place them in your own sentences.



Draw a setting or character from your story.



You should have finished your book by today.


Write a short book review of the book.