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Year 5

Home Learning.

Last updated:  Sunday 5th July


Good morning Year 5 


We hope you are all well and enjoy your tasks today. Thank you for continuing to get in touch and work hard. 

Please continue to send in your best piece of work, and remember to email us if you need any help. 


Thank you! 

Mr Blom, Miss Butler and Miss Mitchell

Home Learning Overview - 


The below document outlines the learning for the week.  It contains the learning objective and web links for different subjects.

All of the required documents are below for you to use.

English Documents


Morning Maths

Morning Maths Video Activity

Work your way through the Year 5 questions.
If you would like to challenge yourself, try the Year 6 questions.


Mathematics Documents


Complete one page from your Arithmetic book OR one of the booklets below.


If you or your parents would like to mark these books, the answers have been published and made available by Schofield and Sims. Follow the link below:

Other Subjects


Below you will find the documents to help with all other subjects.



The following activities will keep you busy for a few weeks, so you can choose which order you do them in and keep going back for more:


Continue with our topic ‘Plastic’, on the Charanga page, under ‘Assignments’. Each week, I will add a step at a time on Charanga.

It helps you with many musical skills and also has a focus on raising awareness of the issue of plastic waste.  The project includes listening to music, researching issues around plastic, practising your rapping skills and even writing your own part to the song if you like.  It will take you a few weeks to complete all the activities, so I will add one step at a time: Step 1, Step 2, etc.

If you need help logging in to Charanga, please contact me via and I will email you your log-in details. 


There are still many other activities on Charanga and I will keep adding to them, so keep checking. 


The following activities will keep you busy for a few weeks, so you can choose which order you do them in and keep going back for more:



Download a free BBC Ten Pieces Ebook to an iPad, Android or Kindle

This is a wonderful interactive video resource to find out more about the instruments of the orchestra and with quizzes and games

Follow this link to find out how:




A resource from the Royal Albert Hall to learn more about the instruments of the orchestra from professional players. 

Follow this link:




Watch Pixie Lott as she tells you about Bernstein’s ‘Mambo’ from ‘West Side Story’ and then join BBC Concert Orchestra percussionist Stephen Whibley as he shows you how to create a Cuban Mambo in your kitchen! 

Follow this link:




‘Chatter with the angels’ - page 26

Charanga: ‘Introducing D’ on the ‘Blown Away’ recorder book.

I will keep adding pieces at the end of the ‘Assignments’, so please keep checking.  

Lots to do!


Do you miss Hymn Practice?  There is a PowerPoint under ‘Music and Hymns’ with some hymns and tracks for you to sing along to.  There are also some written music parts with some of the hymns.  If you play an instrument, why not play along if you can?  Or play them on your recorder?




Continue to log onto the Charanga website using your Username and Password given to you on a sticker by your teacher.  If you do not have this email, contact Mrs Romhany via or via the link on the ‘Contact teachers’ section and I will email it to you.  Enjoy the activities on here. 

Keep singing and playing!  And involve your family too! 

Mrs Romhany

Daily reading schedule.



Start a new book today.


What do you predict will happen in the first 10 pages?


How many pages have you read today?


Compare two of the characters (This could be a labelled drawing)


Are you enjoying the book? Why?


Find five unfamiliar words and place them in your own sentences.



Draw a setting or character from the story.



You should have finished the book by today.


Write a short book review of the book.