School is closed at present, except for vulnerable children, or children of critical workers. We are adding new work every day for the children to complete in our Home Learning Environment area, including YouTube Videos.
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Last updated: Friday 3rd April, 08:45


Hello Year 6.

How are you all today? It has been so lovely to see your wonderful portraits last week, we are very lucky t have such a talented group of artists in our year group. We have placed a selection of these in the gallery.


Today we have placed some hymns and songs on the Home Learning area for you to sing at home, along with a new task in the music section.


As the churches are closed at the moment, we know that you are continuing to pray with your families at home. It is important that we continue to follow Jesus.  To help you do this we have created an R.E. page on the home learning area.  As the Holy Week approaches, please use these tasks. There will be further details in the newsletter tomorrow.


Don't forget that you can email us using the email address


Keep up all the hard work and keep safe.


All our best


Mr Campling, Mrs Todd and Mrs Cattini.




Friday - Grammar. Today, please complete the two pages of grammar below, Sentence Types. Complete these page sin your exercise books.


Thursday - Comprehension. Today we have set you two short Reading Comprehensions. Answer in full sentences in your exercise books. The comprehensions are: Cider with Rosie and White Fang.



Three Mathletics tasks have been set for each of you.

Please remember, that if you are using a tablet device, you should download

the app from the App Store to use Mathletics.


These tasks will only be available for 24 hours, then they will change.


Complete one page from your Arithmetic books.

The answers to these books have been made available by the publishers, Schofield and Sims. 

If you would like to mark your work, please follow the link below.

Other Subject


Friday - Art.


Last week we asked you to draw a family member in the style of David Hockney. Today we would like you to create a self portrait. This could be completed using a mirror, or you could take a picture of yourself (Known as a 'selfie') using a tablet or phone.

Have a look through the PowerPoint below to give you some ideas of some famous self portraits. We look  forward to seeing these, and creating a new gallery of Year 6 artwork.


Thursday - Topic


Watch the video clip (Link below). Then write a short paragraph to show how mountains are formed over many years.

You can add illustrations and diagrams too if you wish.


You can then send this through to your teachers if you wish via


Documents to help with Topic, Science, RE, Art.



You can choose from the following activities – or do all of them! 


Continue to log onto the Charanga website using your Username and Password given to you on a sticker by your teacher.  If you do not have this email, contact Mrs Romhany via or via the link on the ‘Contact teachers’ section and I will email it to you.  


I can see many of you have been using the Recorder book ‘Blown Away’ – Remember to start from the beginning and work steadily through.  That way you can work on your technique (making a good sound and covering the holes.)  Why not keep a tick list of the pieces you have played, so you can show me back at school or you can email it to me?


Continue to look at the topic I have shared: ‘Happy’.  Go through the topic, starting with Step 1, singing the song and doing the warm up games.  You can move on further if you wish!  Step 2 involves playing your instruments, which can be recorder, keyboard, violin, flute etc.  


I have added some more to Charanga.  I could see lots of you were enjoying your singing, so there are lots of new songs under ‘Assignments’ – at the very bottom; some pop, some film and theatre – something for everyone!  


If you are interested in a particular instrument, I have added the guitar, keyboard or violin course. 

Keep singing and playing!  And involve your family too!    

Mrs Romhany


Daily reading schedule.




Start a new book today.


What do you predict will happen in the first 10 pages?


How many pages have you read today?


Compare two of the characters (This could be a labelled drawing)


Are you enjoying the book? Why?


Find five unfamiliar words and place them in your own sentences.



Draw a setting or character from the story.



You should have finished the book by today.


Write a short book review of the book.