"The school provides a happy and vibrant learning environment in which pupils feel safe, are well cared for, and are encouraged to do their very best." Ofsted, February 2018
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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Mrs B Laraway - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mr B Campling Assistant Headteacher Year 6 Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs C Todd Year 6 Teacher (6A)
Picture 4 Mr M Groom Year 6 Teacher (6C)
Picture 5 Miss S Butler Year 5 Teacher (5A)
Picture 6 Mr J Blom Year 5 Teacher (5B)
Picture 7 Mrs M Ellis Year 5 Teacher (5C)
Picture 8 Mrs F Cattini Year 5 Teacher (5C)
Picture 9 Miss C Davis Year 4 Teacher (4A)
Picture 10 Mrs R Carlton Year 4 Teacher (4B)
Picture 11 Miss S Mitchell Year 4 Teacher (4C)
Picture 12 Mrs S Terry Year 3 Teacher (3A)
Picture 13 Mrs M Turner Year 3 Teacher (3A)
Picture 14 Ms A Armstrong Year 3 Teacher (3B)
Picture 15 Miss L Shipley Year 3 Teacher (3C)
Picture 16 Mrs M Gambardella SEN Co-ordinator
Picture 17 Mrs A Romhany Music Teacher
Picture 18 Mrs S Chambers Swimming and PE
Picture 19 Mrs T Manning Librarian
Picture 20 Mr E Sewell Senior Support Teacher
Picture 21 Mrs O'Neill Support Staff
Picture 22 Mrs Hayes Support Staff
Picture 23 Mrs B Aggarwal Support Staff
Picture 24 Mrs C Hart Support Staff
Picture 25 Mrs J Hayday Support Staff
Picture 26 Mrs T Butler Support Staff
Picture 27 Mrs S Ball Support Staff
Picture 28 Mrs B Gmitruk Support Staff
Picture 29 Mrs E East Support Staff
Picture 30 Mrs N Turner Support Staff
Picture 31 Mrs Stuart Support Staff
Picture 32 Mrs Maddox Peripatetic Music Teacher
Picture 33 Mrs Naylor Peripatetic Music Teacher
Picture 34 Mr L Santos Cook In Charge
Picture 35 Mrs P Sewell Assistant Cook
Picture 36 Mrs B Jaskolska Catering Assistant
Picture 37 Miss M Norfolk Catering Assistant
Picture 38 Mrs J Wells Catering Assistant
Picture 39 Mrs J Haydock School Business Manager
Picture 40 Mrs J Coombs Office Staff
Picture 41 Mrs H Cosans Office Staff
Picture 42 Mr T Hatcher Caretaker