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Computing Intent

At St Helen’s, we recognise that the future is increasingly more technological and a confident relationship with technology is essential for future success.  We aim to prepare children for future technologies so that they can confidently approach online situations in the same manner in which they approach the physical world around them.  We ensure that children get access to a number of computing paradigms across a range of operating systems so that they are able to grasp and make use of a vast selection of technological opportunities.  It is our intention that all children reach or exceed national expectations and that all children are challenged to achieve their maximum potential.  Teaching and learning of the computing curriculum is characterised by ambitious objectives, challenging personal goals and rapid intervention to keep pupils making accelerated progress. The teacher’s priority is to support children so that they can keep up with the pace of learning and make good rates of progress.  Effective teaching practices means that teachers expect everyone to succeed by offering higher levels of support or extra challenge for those who need it, ensuring that all pupils can access the learning at the expected year group standard.