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Curriculum Coordinators and Responsibilities

Teaching Staff: Curriculum Coordinators and Responsibilities



Mrs Laraway

Head Teacher   

Foreign Languages



Mr Campling

Deputy Headteacher

Year 6 teacher

Able Learners

School Council

Head of Teaching and Learning


Secondary Liaison


Mrs Todd

Year 6 teacher

English Coordinator


Book Fairs


Mrs Cattini

Year 6 teacher

Pupil Premium Manager


Mr Lochner

Year 5 teacher


Miss Butler

Year 5 teacher

International Curriculum Coordinator


Miss Mitchell

Year 5 Teacher

Science Coordinator


Mrs Carlton

Year 4 teacher

History Coordinator

RE Coordinator


Mr Groom

Year 4 teacher

Computing Coordinator


Mr Fraser

Year 4 teacher

Geography Coordinator


Miss Davis

Year 3 teacher

Art/Displays Coordinator


Mrs Terry

Year 3 teacher


Mrs Ellis

Year 3 teacher

Healthy School Coordinator


Mrs Armstrong

Year 3 teacher

Tuck Shop


Miss Rauch

Special Educational Needs Coordinator


Mrs Chambers



Mrs Romhany

Music teacher

Leader of school orchestra and school choirs


Madame Kirk

French Language Assistant


Mr Sewell

Mathematics Coordinator

Mathematics Support Teacher